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Running Effective Proof of Concept Projects

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1. Introduction

Lately I’ve had a few people wanting to discuss their proof of concept and/or vendor & tech evaluation projects with me, specifically around evaluating StreamBase for their needs on upcoming projects and products. Seems like as good a topic as any for an article, so here we go. My first use of StreamBase was when I was driving a PoC project for my then-employer, so I feel like I have some insight to offer on the subject, based on that and on my years of experience since.

There are 4 broad categories to consider when planning and executing any project like this: effort and duration of the PoC, project definition and scope, choosing the right resources, and applying the correct evaluation criteria. This article will offer some guidelines and suggestions for those 4 categories, specifically as they apply to evaluating StreamBase for your organization or project.

NOTE: This article covers PoC projects for the core StreamBase CEP platform, writing EventFlow logic and using provided Adapters. It does not cover anything specific to evaluating the LiveView product.

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Written by datasports

Jun 14, 2012 at 9:14 AM