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StreamBase Certified Developer Program

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Lately this blog has been a bit less active than I would like in terms of new content. The reason is because my off-hours work these days has been going into completing the programming assignment for the StreamBase Certified Developer program.

I haven’t finished it yet to earn my certification, but I thought I’d share a bit about my experiences so far in a quick post. Once I’m finished with it and am certified, I’ll return to my regular posting on a broader range of topics, and documenting some forthcoming SBX additions.

I held off on doing the SCD program when it was initially announced as I was already relatively experienced with SB and familiar with the material covered in the course that it relates to. Add to that, I had a stable contract with a big customer to do SB development. More recently, I decided to go ahead and invest the time for the following reasons:

  1. Having an extra certification can’t hurt to dress up the business cards and make me more attractive as a consultant going forward.
  2. Although the current certification covers relatively basic topics, there will be advanced and guru certifications in the future, and by taking care of the basic cert now, I’ll be better positioned to start the advanced cert when it becomes available.
  3. Who knows: I just might learn something!

When I did the online test I did encounter some questions that sent me off to clarify and experiment so I did encounter some surprises, in particular with short-circuit boolean logic and null values. So despite being familiar with the bulk of the content in the test, I did definitely learn some worthwhile new information through that process.

Now, in my opinion the value of the programming assignment is that you’re not just given requirements for how the solution must behave (as you would get when assigned a task in a commercial environment), but also told what specific components to use, so you have to take approaches that you might not otherwise take. In particular, there’s a fair bit of emphasis on the Aggregate Operator, which I think is appropriate since it is almost certainly the most powerful single component you can put on an EventFlow canvas.

I’m taking my time with the assignment in order to take some side trips down the occasional dark alley into the guts of SB and obscura of different operator configurations, and I know that the effort is paying dividends. I would advise independent contractors like myself to invest the time to pursue the SCD certification, and would also advise employers with SB developers on staff to allot some portion of their time to doing the programming assignment. It’s an investment of time, and one that I feel is worthwhile.

Some of what I’ve learned, or challenges I’ve faced as a result of this effort will be covered in my next few posts.

Stay tuned…

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Phil Martin
Datasports Inc.


Written by datasports

Nov 19, 2011 at 3:36 PM

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